Hi! I’m Wendy, I’ve been doing hair analyses since 2013 through Etsy. I am also the creator of the Science-y Hair Blog.

Why will I no longer be analyzing hair samples? I have had the privilege of working with hair samples for five and a half years. I have learned so much, and I intend to be sharing what I have learned via my blog. This has been a second job for me, I handle hair analyses on the weekends and when I can fit them in during the week. My full time job  is where I will be directing my attention at this point. I will continue to blog, and hope to have a little more time for that in the future. I am in the process of creating an e-book similar to the blog with lots of “troubleshooting” and new information.

Fitting hair samples into my schedule is no longer sustainable. It is/has been important to me to read all your notes, research your water quality, climate, products you mention, and try to answer all your questions or help solve problems as best I can. To that end, each hair analysis takes almost 3 hours (or more). People have shown little interest in just having their hair-measurements alone, or receiving a generalized set of recommendations – which is far quicker process for an analyst to handle and write up!

I cannot refer you to another hair analysis service provider. I do not know the providers and I am not familiar with their services.