Hair Collection Instructions and Questionnaire

Collect your hairs using the instructions and answer the questions in the questionnaire that follow. The mailing address is at the end of this document. I will notify you when your hair samples arrive and the results will be sent to the e-mail address on your order unless you provide me with a different e-mail address.

Hair Collection:

– For the analysis, please collect 40-50 clean hairs (or 20-30 for the Mini Analysis). These can be hairs shed naturally that you remove during detangling OR hairs you remove by cutting (carefully!) very near the root. Please don’t pull hairs out – this stretches the hair and looks like damage.

– Collect hairs from different areas of your head (crown, hairline, sides and back of head). The accuracy of the analysis depends on your collection. All these hairs can be sent together in the same bag, they will be combined for analysis.

– It is helpful to me to know which end is the root-end in advance so I can prepare samples quickly. Sending hairs with roots attached is ideal. If there are roots attached, hairs can be folded into a piece of paper (lengthwise) with the root-end labeled – and then placed in a plastic bag. Or you can wrap a piece of paper or thread or yarn around your hairs towards the root-end, or wind them around a 3×5 card and cut a slot to secure the roots (and ends). If your hair is very tightly¬†curled, this is not necessary, please pack hair loosely. If you cut hairs for collection, please label the root end.

– Place the hairs in a zipper-close plastic bag, pressing the air out, before placing in an envelope. If you have an area you want to address specifically (a problem area or hair that is different from the rest), place those hairs in a separate bag and label it – limit this to one separate area. If you are concerned about hairs being damaged during shipping, reinforce the envelope with a piece of cardboard or use a small padded envelope. Please do not send wadded up hair (for example, hair that has been rubbed together or tangled).

Send clean hairs. Oils, leave-in conditioners and conditioning or creamy styling products can obscure important details and give an inaccurate result. Rinse-out conditioner is fine as long as it has been rinsed out thoroughly. Hair that has been on the shower floor is no longer clean, it will have picked up dead skin cells and product residue and makes it difficult to see details clearly. If you have questions about sample collection, please contact me.



Please answer these questions. Let me know what products or treatments you are using on your hair and how often. If something works well, and some things produce a very bad result, please mention those.

– Is your hair color-treated? If so, do you use permanent color, semipermanent, henna or “other” (please specify).

– Has your hair been lightened (bleached, highlights)?

– Do you swim frequently? Salt water, fresh water, or swimming pools?

– Do you spend much time in the full sun? How much?

– Do you have gray hairs?

– Do you chemically change your hair texture (chemical relaxer, perm, keratin straightener)?

– How do you characterize your natural, un-altered hair texture (amount of curliness or straightness)?

– How do you usually style your hair?

– Do you brush your hair? How often?

– How often do you wash your hair and what do you use to wash it?

– Do you regularly set your hair with rollers, or wear braids, up-styles?

– Do you use high-heat styling tools – curling irons, flat/straightening irons, hot rollers, high-heat hair dryer without a diffuser?

– Do you use vinegar or citric acid rinses, baking soda or bar soap on your hair? I can check how your hair responds to 1 or 2 of those. Specify which you use currently and at what concentration.

– Tell me about your hair! How long is your hair? What do you need me to know? What frustrates you? What are you hoping to gain from this analysis?

After you order the analysis, send your hair to the address provided when you place the order and I will analyze it after I receive it in the mail. If you like, you can send a photo with your hair sample or e-mail it to me. Be sure to put your return address on the package and include your name and return address inside the package