Announcements and FAQ

Updated: December 30, 2019

New Hair Analysis orders will not be taken any longer. The 2018-2019 waiting list will be completed as scheduled. When that has been completed, the shop will be closed.

Until then, I will be working on analysis orders which are already on the waiting list. I am not adding people to the waiting list at this time.

I cannot refer you to another service, I do not know the service providers, and I am not familiar with their services.

How do I collect hair samples? See this page for details.

Do you recommend specific products: No and yes. If I know a product has worked for a number of people with your hair type, I will mention it, though I cannot know whether you will like the product’s price, fragrance, texture, availability, or whether it will work with your hair and water and everything else in your life. If I know of a group of products that would fit a certain requirement you have (heat protection or UV protection, for example) I will list them or link you to a list.

But I cannot guess what specific products will work in your hair because I cannot see or touch your hair as a whole, and I don’t know exactly what you want from a product or what you like – or how you want your hair to feel. If you are looking for a consultation exclusively for product-recommendations, this hair analysis may not be right for you.

Did you place an order on my former Etsy shop? Do you have an outstanding order from this shop? Contact me at Sometimes reports get lost in the Spam folder, or information vanishes into the ether.