Announcements and FAQ

Welcome to the new GoosefootPrints Hair Analysis home on the web.

Read on for more about how to order. If you are on the list for an analysis for August 2018, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provided on August 2. There is a new option for a “Measurement-Only” Analysis in the shop, which provides only hair measurements, no personalized recommendations. If you are interested in this analysis, please let me know, I may be able to fit you in the schedule sooner.

Currently there are schedule openings in July 2019. This schedule will change as orders are placed and received and the schedule evolves. Additionally – I am working on creating a combination e-book and“Measurement-Only” Analysis to keep up with demand for hair analyses.

This page is where you’ll find information about ordering hair analyses, and where you’ll find updates about the shop and waiting time. This page is updated regularly.

How do I order a hair analysis?

I handle a limited number of hair analyses each month due to my work schedule and the amount of time needed to complete each analysis (see the “about” page for more details). I am taking orders by waiting list, which is like making an appointment. Demand for hair analyses has exceeded my supply of time to do them, and this seems a solution to having many orders placed at once and asking you to wait several months for your results while your hair sits in an envelope.

I’ll take new orders each month starting on the first day of the month. I will contact the people at the top of the waiting list by e-mail until that month’s number of hair analyses are sold. If you are ready to collect hair and place an order, you’ll follow the link to the e-mail and use the password provided to access the page for placing an order. PayPal is the payment method used, though you do not need a PayPal account to order.

How does a wait-list order work?

Ideally, you’ll collect and mail your hair sample within a week or two of placing your order. Once you place an order, I have put your analysis in the schedule for the upcoming months. I process hair samples in the order in which they arrive. When I have your hair sample and have put it in the schedule, I will contact you with an update.

How do I get in the wait-list for placing an order?

Send me an e-mail at or use the contact form on this website (and add to your e-mail contacts list). Include your e-mail address and name. If you are outside the Unites States of America – please let me know. I will respond and let you know when I have an opening in the schedule.

What if I’m not ready to place an order?:

If you’re too busy to collect hair samples when I contact you, please e-mail me back. Tell me you’d like to be kept on the waiting list. You won’t lose your place in “line.” I’ll contact you the next month – or whenever you’ve told me you’re ready.

What is the price? What is included?

Hair analysis: $45. Mini Analysis: $34. Measurement-Only Analysis: $18

The analyses measure: Individual hair width, porosity, elasticity. Mini analysis does not include photos. Measurement-Only analysis does not include individual recommendations. Results are provided with a report including information about ingredients and treatments which may be helpful for your hair, ingredients to avoid or minimize (if any). The notes you provide with your hair sample determine how much information is included in the report. Additional documents and links are provided when they may be useful.

How do I get the results? Results are sent by e-mail to the e-mail address you provide when you place an order.

Is there any follow-up after I receive my report?: Yes! If you have any questions, if I didn’t address something you wanted to address, if I mis-understood an issue you brought up, if something new comes up, if you’d like to discuss product choices further – write back after you receive your report. You’d be surprised what information can be brought out by asking a follow-up question. I want you to get the most out of this service – so I encourage you to ask follow-up questions. And if you find a really great product or  a great styling routine or video, I’d love to hear about it. I pass on product and technique recommendations from clients (with permission) so we can all learn from each other.

How do I collect hair samples? See this page for details.

Do you recommend specific products: No and yes. If I know a product has worked for a number of people with your hair type, I will mention it, though I cannot know whether you will like the product’s price, fragrance, texture, availability, or whether it will work with your hair and water and everything else in your life. If I know of a group of products that would fit a certain requirement you have (heat protection or UV protection, for example) I will list them or link you to a list.

But I cannot guess what specific products will work in your hair because I cannot see or touch your hair as a whole, and I don’t know exactly what you want from a product or what you like – or how you want your hair to feel. If you are looking for a consultation exclusively for product-recommendations, this hair analysis may not be right for you.

What do you do with hair samples when you are done with them?: I keep them for a while in case I missed something in your analysis. When the stack gets too large, I throw them away.